How To Write A Good Script For A Short Film

You can see how a simple news item can be the basis of a lot of “What if..?” questions and can lead to ideas for a very interesting science fiction film. But while this film is a more […]

How To Use A Banana Clip On Short Hair

Short hair, don't care. By Maya Allen. Dec 27, 2018 Getty Images. If you've always wanted to go short, may we just say: The time is now. Nothing says summer like a breeze blowing against your bare […]

How To Use Sushi Maker

Put the knife under cold water before and after cutting the sushi rolls. Make sure to use a very sharp knife. For a gluten-free version you can substitute the soy sauce with tamari. Make sure not to overfill the sushi rolls. You could also use maple syrup instead of sugar for rice vinegar, salt, and sugar mixture. Nutrition Facts. Vegan Sushi… […]

How To Use Poultry Seasoning

Is poultry seasoning safe to use after the "expiration" date on the package? Yes, provided it is properly stored and the package is undamaged - commercially packaged poultry seasoning will typically carry a "Best By," "Best if Used By," "Best Before," or "Best When Used By" date but this is not a safety date, it is the manufacturer's estimate of how long the poultry seasoning will remain at […]

How To Connect Send File To Scp Address

The SCP command can be used to send a file to a server or retrieve a file from a server. Because it uses the SSH protocol for authentication SCP is more secure than … […]

How To Start A Self Employed Business In Canada

As a self-employed individual, your contribution to Canada's economy is important. Everybody wins when you choose to enjoy the benefits of creative freedom, the challenge and the self-satisfaction that often comes with self-employment. […]

How To Use Vocoder In Fl Studio

30/11/2009 Throe @ Truckermusic: the demo on TAL's site is using the internal oscillator. in order to do this, you have to setup TAL Vocoder as a synth in the plug-in manager (i […]

How To Does It Take To See Results From Swimming

18/05/2009 · Best Answer: Swimming is pretty good for all your muscles but most change can be seen in your legs and shoulders, that said it firms up the stomach, arms and buttocks. Breast stroke is good if you swim fast but you'll see results quicker if you swim butterfly, if like the rest of us you're not a swimming […]

How To Turn Into A Zombie Sims 3

19/02/2014 · The only way I know of to "turn off" zombies is to turn off the lunar cycle and permanently set it to a phase that isn't the full moon. For example, mine is always set to Waxing Gibbous. […]

How To Use A Jig Fishing Lure

Teams would use this lure all day and only this lure, that is how you know it works good. This takes a lot of effort on the fisherman’s part. These jigs can be used for a few hours without getting a bite but when a big bass finally gets hooked it is worth all the work. Generally, this is jigged in water 6 to 12 feet deep with large patches of sod-grass. The thicker the better. Jigging around […]

How To Set Bigdecimal Value In Java

and Plan.getPeak() is of type Big integer and its value is 1000.00 so i want to convert criteria[j].getValues() (which is 1000) to Bigdecimal so that the values match. any idea how i can do that […]

How To Write A Link With Image File

Note: border:0; is added to prevent IE9 (and earlier) from displaying a border around the image (when the image is a link). Image Floating Use the CSS float property to let the image … […]

How To Use Appradio Pioneer

The AppRadio Unchained mod is a modification of the Pioneer AppRadio app so that it allows full mirroring of your phone. This means that any app can be controlled from the head unit screen and not just a few that are specially adapted. […]

How To Take Care Of A Bullet Wound

14/12/2014 Gunshot wound may show only entry wound or sometimes even exit wound as the bullet leaves the body through the other end. The amount of damage caused and the severity of injuries depends on characteristics of the bullet and the gun, the projectile path, the range of shooting and the type and nature of tissue that is affected. […]

How To Stop Google Chrome Opening Extra Processes

Google Chrome takes advantage of these properties and puts web apps and plug-ins in separate processes from the browser itself. This means that a rendering engine crash in one web app won’t affect the browser or other web apps. It means the OS can run web apps in parallel to increase their responsiveness, and it means the browser itself won’t lock up if a particular web app or plug-in […]

How To Watch Live Cricket Streaming

How you can watch all the matches. To watch all ICC World Cup live streaming matches you just have to be on our website. Just bookmark our website it is and if you like our website then please share it with your friends and family. […]

How To Use Lush Reusable Bubble Bar

Hold under a running taps till you get the number of bubbles you desire then enjoy your bath. Pop the bubble bar on the side to use another time. […]

How To Use Ucs Autocad Tutorial

AutoCAD 2000 Learning Assistance, provided on a separate CD, is a multi- media learning tool that focuses on working in AutoCAD, understanding dif- ficult concepts and underutilized AutoCAD features, and collaborating with […]

How To See Recent Apps On Iphone 7

How to Close Apps on the iPhone 5 in iOS 7 September 20, 2013 By Matt The iPhone 5 does a pretty good job of managing your open and most recently open apps, but you may occasionally find that an app is still running and causing your battery to drain. […]

How To Use Dynavap M

The VapCap M by DynaVap is a herbal and resin vaporizer. Slightly different from its predecessor VapCap Original, it is made of Stainless steel instead of glass. The 9.2 cm long vaporizer is a nonelectrical vaporizer and requires flame as a heat source. Once the vapor is ready, a click sound is hearable by the built-in temperature indicator. […]

How To Write A Group Contract

Who Should Write the Home Rules Contract? A copy of the blank Home Rules Contract should be given to every person who will ultimately be signing the contract, including the teens and preteens, for them to fill out with rules, consequences and rewards they feel are appropriate for the Home Rules Contract. […]

How To Show Link Breakdown In Shopify

10/12/2018 The first method is to go into the language settings of your Shopify theme and perform a search on "Powered by". This will show you where you can delete the text and put a space in its place. This […]

How To Turn On Airdrop On Imac

Among other changes in iOS 11, Apple has shifted things up a bit when it comes to enabling or disabling AirDrop. Lets take a quick look at the two ways you can turn on or off AirDrop in iOS 11 […]

How To Train Your Pigeon

Pigeon toes is an orthopedic condition that must be diagnosed by your pediatrician or doctor. Other conditions can also affect the developing gait in children. Exercises for this condition should also be prescribed by your child's doctor or physiotherapist, and performed as instructed. […]

How To Use Pebeo Vitrail Paint On Canvas

Pebeo's Vitrail Crackling Effects transforms clear glass into an instant antique. Just 15 minutes after application, aged effects begin to appear on bright, glossy surfaces. For best results, use Crac... […]

How To Teach Quantum Physics To Your Dog Epub

how to teach quantum physics to your dog PDF ePub Mobi Download how to teach quantum physics to your dog PDF, ePub, Mobi Books how to teach quantum physics to your dog PDF, ePub, Mobi Page 1. how to teach quantum physics to your dog Network Solutions. Sat, 08 Dec 2018 15:38:00 GMT String theory - Domain Not Valid - A collapse of the universe will happen if a bubble […]

How To Decorate Your Work Table

Easy DIY ideas for how to decorate your farm table. Using items that you already have, combined with a few new pieces. Create height and interest with fun accessories! Using items that you already have, combined with a few new pieces. […]

How To Take Gre In Australia

How to Select GRE Dates If you are planning to join grad schools in US, Australia, Canada, etc. then GRE is the exam you must be looking forward to. Just like numerous other students, you will find yourself face to face with the daunting question of when to take the exam. […]

How To Turn Off Clock On Windows 10

Turn off alarm clock windows 10 keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this website […]

How To Take A Picture On Iphone Screen

Finding, trouble in taking the screenshot of your iphone screen. Let me guide you through this. You need to press and hold the Wake/sleep button on the top or on the side of your iphone. […]

How To Teach Language To A Child

The arrival of a second child can upset the language balance in a bilingual home, and its common for a second child to be less fully bilingual than the first. […]

How To Turn Off Sound Facebook Notification

liew, for no. 2 you mean top right corner, not top left corner right? yes i find the notification sound annonying too. at first i didnt know it was the notification sound for all notification i received from facebook. i know earlier when i received a PM message, i can hear the sound, so when this notification sound was on, each time, i […]

How To Stop German Shepherd From Digging

Is your German Shepherd a digger? So you found your GS digging in the garden. It can be cute until your GS decides to destroy your garden. So you found your GS digging in the garden. It can be cute until your GS decides to destroy your garden. […]

How To Use One Airpod At A Time

13/09/2016 · At one point during my tests, I took one AirPod out of my ear and the music paused like it should. While I was standing there with the AirPod in my hand, the music began playing again. While I was standing there with the AirPod in my hand, the music began playing again. […]

Skyrim How To Tell What Stone

There are 24 unique (Unusual Stones) scattered throughout the map of Skyrim. If you show one of these stones to Vex (She can be found in Thieves Guild in HQ), she will tell you about other details […]

How To Set Up Ps4 With Psvr

14/10/2016 A look at how to install PSVR with your PS4. It's very simple that's why I was able to do it! It's very simple that's why I was able to do it! Social Media […]

How To Tell If Mystery Snail Eggs Are Fertile

JellyPeaches: Oh thank god for this video I just recently got a mystery snail for my algae control in a tank, and it was on a moss ball for a bit and went into its shell with the door thing closed. Made me think it was dead until i heard the eating and sleeping part. I would have been sad if the snail died immediately. […]

How To Set Up Apa On Word 2011

Word 2016 for Mac Word for Mac 2011 More... Less When you use the automatic Table of Contents option in Word for Mac, it might not strictly follow the American Psychological Association's (APA) … […]

How To Set Up Delegated Harvesting On Nem

If you set up Family Sharing, you can use Ask to Buy to help control app downloads and in-app purchases. Learn more about in-app purchases. On your Mac. Open the App Store. Browse or search for the app that you want to download. Developers of apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch don't always have an app for Mac. Click the app. If the app is free, click Get, then click Install App. If the app […]

How To Solve Certificate Error In Internet Explorer

3/11/2017 · No, you can't turn off certificate checking in Internet Explorer. If you receive certificate errors, it means the website you're visiting is having certificate problems and it doesn't indicate a problem with Internet Explorer. […]

How To Stop Excessive Menstrual Bleeding

28/12/2016 · When i was 20 (last year) my doctors convinced me to go on the depo shot and i trusted them so i didn't ask too many questions little did i know that the side effects would have a terrible impact […]

How To Serve Rice Pudding

This creamy rice pudding recipe is the easiest one you'll ever make. In fact, it's one of the easiest and tastiest desserts you'll ever make. In fact, it's one of the easiest and […]

Watch How To Get Away With Murder S03e10

Legendas How to Get Away With Murder S03E10 Categoria Legenda Serie - Compartilhado em 28 de janeiro de 2017 Michaela, Wes, Laurel e Patrick sao ambiciosos calouros de Direito da prestigiada academia East Coast Law School, onde apenas os melhores alunos podem participar de casos reais. […]

How To Send Sms Using Email

Email to SMS is a feature that allows users to send SMS to mobile phone number via email. When users would like to send a SMS, they just need to send an email to the Yeastar S-Series system email address, with the destination mobile phone number as the email subject. The system will then receive the email and forward the email to the GSM/3G port, so that the email can be sent out through SMS […]

How To Turn A Kitchen Peninsula Into An Island

11/01/2015 I can easily move my island, & therefore the cooktop, to sit against a wall and mount this thing to the wall if its the most sensible thing to do but I love the current layout of my kitchen. The island is in the centre, surrounded by barstools that my kids and friends can hang out on while i cook and talk to them. I want to keep that if I can. I love it so much. […]

How To Use Spoke Tool

Spoke C is an Outside spoke and goes to wide, rear drum brake hub. The moderate acute angle means that this spoke comes from the outside of a larger diameter hub and will reach the center of the 18? rim with a much shorter spoke. […]

How To Take Off A Brake Booster

5/01/2019 · The brake master cylinder is a key component of a vehicle's brake system. If this component fails, then your vehicle's braking ability will be weakened or destroyed. To avoid this safety hazard, it is best to replace the brake master... […]

How To Stay Hopeful In God

Hopeful knows how much work it takes in order to stay hopeful. And his hope isn't based on any concrete knowledge that they'll get out, but rather a particular perspective on things... and a […]

How To Turn Torch Off On Iphone

Home/Apple/ How To Turn OFF Flashlight With iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max This widget is actually called Torch and you will most likely identify it in the lower corner of the quick settings menu. It has a dedicated icon, just like all the other quick commands, and can be accessed with one tap. That one tap is everything you need to turn on or off the iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max […]

How To Watch The Voice Without Cable

Check out The Voice by using the NBC live stream, with all instructions provided below. You will need to either have cable or have another person’s cable information to view the live stream […]

How To Write A Method Statement For A Tender

Free Information and Documents. We are currently offering a selection of free template documents to download. We also offer free userguides to enable you to write your own documents. […]

How To Tell Mom You Re Pregnant

Research how to tell your boss you’re pregnant, and everything is kind of a one size fits all description of what you should do. It would have been so bizarre if I walked into my boss’s office with a folder and packet of paper outlining my intentions, my rights, and my expectations. That came later (actually, last week) with another one of my bosses regarding my maternity leave. But that […]

How To Use Cuttlebug C Plate

"How to cut dies in your Cuttlebug without a C plate, and how to emboss them without a tan embossing mat!" "Cuttlebug Tutorial (Part 1) Great tutorial!" Card Making Tips Card Making Techniques Embossing Techniques Making Cards Embossed Cards Bake Sale Cricut Cuttlebug Embossing Folder Greeting Cards Handmade. I have had a few inquiries about how I embossed the top portion of my card base … […]

How To Tell Skill Level On Divisions Football

Tell Me About Your Leadership Skills Behavioral interview questions are standard now for companies in all industries — especially Fortune 500 companies. These behavioral questions (“Tell me about a time…”) probe for examples of how candidates have demonstrated desired competencies in the past. […]

How To Solve A Rubix Triangle Buy D ETERNAL Rubiks Cube 2X2 3x3 and Pyraminx Triangle Rubix Cube High Speed Magic Rubic Cube Brainstorming Puzzle Cubes Combo Game Toy online at low price in India on Check out D ETERNAL Rubiks Cube 2X2 3x3 and Pyraminx Triangle Rubix Cube High Speed Magic Rubic Cube Brainstorming Puzzle Cubes Combo Game Toy reviews […]

How To Set Up Sli Or Crossfire

OTHER Advice: If you are using multi-GPU Set up you need to enable Crossfire/SLI for Star Citizen (self.starcitizen) submitted 2 years ago by iSnipedAgain High Admiral So for a week I have been playing the game with 2x R9 290s in Crossfire. […]

How To Use Persian Sugar Wax

Sugaring or body sugaring is a hair removal method similar to waxing. It’s often called sugar waxing or Persian waxing. Body sugaring hair removal has been in use as hair removal method since 1900 BC, "when a hairless and smooth body was considered the standard of youth, beauty and innocence for women in Egypt. […]

How To Write An Effective Diary Entry

Using the samples as a guide, encourage them to list the sections in a diary entry: where to write the date, the personal address form “Dear Diary,” the introduction, body of the text and ending. Finally, ask them to write their own diary entries for that day. […]

How To Use Digital Signature In Google Chrome

You will need: To be logged in to your Google Inbox webmail account. Your email signature file (.html file) open in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, or be logged into your Email Signature Rescue account in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox with your email signature open in Full Screen Preview. […]

How To Set Emoji As Discord Name

To upload the Fire emoji to your Discord server follow these simple steps. Navigate to your server settings and proceed to click the "emoji" tab, you will notice a purple button that says "upload emoji". […]

How To Watch Netflix On Hdtv

26/08/2018 · Ready to start watching Ultra HD on your new 4k TV? Netflix has a bunch of original shows in 4k (2160p) resolution, and many titles feature High Dynamic Range (HDR) such as … […]

How To Use A Zte Blade D

Part 2: How to Root ZTE Blade L2 with Android Root The Android Root toolkit developed by dr.fone toolkit is one of the most effective methods that you can use to root ZTE Blade L2. This method is not only 100% safe and secure, but also supports over 7000 devices and boasts being the highest in number of success rates in the industry for rooting. […]

How To Set Icon In Theme Optin Menu

This theme supports to the header top bar options, which have the category menu and social menu. To set it up, please follow the below steps:- To set it up, please follow the below steps:- In the dashboard, go to Appearance > Customize. […]

How To Turn On Ingame Names Assetto Corsa

5/07/2017 · How much time have you spent setting up your Force Feedback in Assetto Corsa? If you're like most of us, you booted up the game, verified the inputs on your wheel, tweaked the strength and you […]

How To Write A Critical Response To A Poem

In at least 150 words, write an essay in which you explain how Philip Freneau explores American identity in the poem The Indian Burying Ground. Use evidence from the poem to support your response. Use evidence from the poem to support your response. […]

How To Use Psyllium Husk For Constipation

Psyllium husk has been primarily utilized as a bulk laxative that soaks up water in the gut, softens stool, and enables easier and smoother bowel movements. 25 Psyllium husk can also assist in promoting regular bowel movements without increasing flatulence and in counteracting constipation and mild to moderate diarrhea. 26, 27 […]

Snark Tuner How To Use

28/11/2018 This is a small review of the Korg CA-1 vs the Snark ST-2 They both cost about $15 on Amazon. Thus far I have been using the Korgs, I have one in every instrument case, and was thinking of converting to the Snark after using one in a store. […]

How To Write A Notice Letter Uk

If you’re struggling for what to write, don’t panic, Fish4jobs are here to help with our resignation letter templates and examples. Stick to our expert advice on how to write a professional letter of resignation. […]

How To Stop Chromecast Interference With Tv

If your TV show or movie loads slowly or you experience buffering or rebuffering, you may have a weak or unstable connection to the internet. Follow the troubleshooting steps […]

How To Show Trend Underneath Graph

I got the example to work and I’m trying to apply it to new data on a log-log scale (y = 1E-05 to 1E-01 and x = 1 to 1000). I managed to get so far by basing the area chart on the log of the xy base data. […]

How To Deal With Bullies At Work Australia

This resource is part of a series on bullying. Access the related bullying practice resources. School bullying is a serious problem worldwide. There is now strong evidence to indicate that children who bully at school are at significant risk for a range of antisocial, criminal and poor health outcomes later in … […]

How To Turn Off Windows Update Xp_

Windows auto updates won't turn on I spent 6 hours taking off a trojan, and so far, this is the only thing that I have found that isn't back to normal. Pls. any ideas on how to fix this or what else I need to check? Thank You In Advance. Windows XP. IE 8. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question (93 […]

Target How To Train Your Dragon Toys

Kids toys, activities and clothing. Set imaginations wild with our range of children's toys, clothing and accessories. Our playful collection provides everything kids need to create, learn and play. […]

How To Take Sweetness Out Of Food

Get the full Diet Doctor experience with unlimited As a bonus you’ll soon start to enjoy the natural sweetness of real food, once you’re no longer adapted to the overpowering artificial sweetness of junk food and “diet” sodas. Full low-carb sweeteners guide . Sugar addiction. Do you find the idea of avoiding sweeteners almost impossible to imagine? Addiction to sugar and […]

How To Use Plex Ps4

This plex app is one of the best alternative apps to get the Kodi PS4 app into your smartphones. Every user can install this Kodi app by using the Plex app. Kodi developers are still working on the official version of Kodi on behalf of that you can use the plex application. It has all the features like Kodi ps4. By installing the plex app you may watch videos without any obstructions. […]

How To Take Care Of My Orchid

ORCHID101: Beautiful Orchids' Guide to Cultivating and Breeding your Hybrids Because Phalaenopsis contains hundreds of cultivars and hybrids, Beautiful Orchids has designated several varieties with colors almost identical to those you see in our online catalog. […]

Linux Mint How To Set Defult Speeker

Install Flatpak. If youre looking to use a Winepak on Linux, theres an excellent chance that youve already got the Flatpak runtime system set up on your Linux operating system. […]

How To Train New Employees On An International Level

OHS Induction Training Under Section 21(2)(e) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act the employer must provide adequate information, instruction, training and supervision to employees so that they can work in a way that is safe and without risks to health. […]

How To Change Instagram Send To Algorithm

16/03/2016 · The move is partly a function of Instagram’s popularity. The service is home to more than 400 million regular visitors, and Facebook hosts 1.59 billion monthly users. […]

How To Set Terry Crew To Give Directions

19/02/2018 · Watch video · Terry Crews: From racist black characters to ‘Black Panther,’ we’ve come so far. Terry Crews relied on sports and music stars to fill in where black superheroes were missing — until now. […]

How To Screenshot Apple Watch Series 3

For Apple Watch: Swipe up the finger to see apple watch control center from home or Watch Face screen. Bluetooth Won’t Connect or Frequently Disconnects Apple Watch Series 4/3/2/1. iPhone XS Max Not Connecting to Computer or Doesn’t Recognize iPhone Windows 10. Check Also . How to Set up Outlook Calendars on iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, 8/7/6: iOS 12 or later. Microsoft […]

How To Take Care Of Flowers In Floral Foam

Check that the florist foam in the vase your flowers came in is saturated with water. Most of the time, when you get a flower arrangement from the florist that has floral foam, it will be sufficiently full of water. But, should the floral foam dry out or be dry, your flowers will quickly die. […]

How To Turn Off Fire Alarm At Home

If the chirping still continues, locate the home's fuse box or circuit breaker, and replace the fuse or reset the circuit that the alarm is on. If this does not stop the chirping, replace the smoke alarm. […]

How To Use Lazagne On Windows

Quick Steps To Eliminate Easily From Windows 2000 Guide 1 : Uninstallation Of From Control Panel In PC Remove From Windows … […]

How To Use An Oscilloscope On A Car

Setting Your System's Gains with an Oscilloscope (this ain't gonna be as easy as you might think) General Signal Information: You should know a few very basic things about digital recordings and the way music is recorded onto disc. […]

How To Take Out A Drain Plug

To unclog a sink drain, cover the plunger's rubber cup with water and plug the fixture's vent opening with wet rags. Dealing with a clogged drain is just no fun. Fortunately, there are steps you can take before calling a plumber to try to clear that clog. […]

Witcher 3 How To Use Torch

Witcher 3: Miscellaneous Items In mods by Myrddin May 24, 2015 1 Comment Now that the console in Witcher 3 can be accessed, I started to compile a list of Food, Crafting Materials, Alchemy Ingredients, Mutagens, General and Miscellaneous Items. […]

How To Write A Newspaper Article Rationale

Usually, writing a newspaper article consist out of these steps: Doing research; Writing an article; Proofreading. As you might guess, to write a good newspaper article you need to know the subject really well before you start writing. […]

How To Work As An Ensemble

This is a unique opportunity for theatregoers and aspiring directors to go behind-the-scenes and see our directors at work. Each session is followed by a discussion with the featured director. […]

How To Use If Statement In Javascript

Statements are used in JavaScript to control its program flow. Unlike properties, methods, and events, which are fundamentally tied to the object that owns them, statements are designed to work independently of any JavaScript object. That means you can use a statement […]

How To Have Your Kids Stay And Not Separate

IMHO, there is not tree or axe here but it is a bit strange your needs for health care are met but I personally would not know about the husband's intention to separate emotionally from you and […]

How To Take Pictures Underwater Without A Waterproof Camera

It goes without saying that underwater cameras should be waterproof; the best one in our lineup can handle being submerged in up to 100 feet of water. The cameras have different types of waterproofing. Some you simply place in a watertight exterior case, while others don’t require a case and use rubber seals to protect important parts – like the battery and ports – from leaks up to the […]

How To Write A Rhetorical Precis Template

When one is writing a precis, one should take care of a few essential points. The first thing is that one needs to convey the general idea of the argument with absolute clarity. The second thing that you need to do is to make sure that all the important points of the original passage are included in the precis. Lastly, make sure that the language of the precis is clear, crisp and concise […]

How To Take A Screen Capture On Iphone 4

Step 4: Tap on the Custom button indicated by a star icon and then choose Screenshot from the list. Step 5: With the screenshot option added to your Assistive Touch menu, you can take a one-handed screenshot anytime by tapping on the Assistive Touch button followed by the Screenshot button. […]

How To Use Gfx Packs In Photoshop

This graphic design pack is filled with 50 different types of glowing light streaks. Available in two different formats, Photoshop Brushes and JPEG images. […]

How To Do A Train Whistle With Your Hands

lesson five – blow that train whistle! Every child likes to tell others what he/she is good at doing! Why not practice telling others, “blowing your whistle” for the love of God. […]

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